Covid-19 and Telemedicine 

Virtual medicine care by phone; or a face to face video chat on zoom platform, 1 to 1, non-recorded due to confidentiality is available via my services for people residing in Ontario only for now.  It's important to maintain strict privacy during the meeting.

Please read the privacy statement on the zoom platform first, in order to agree if opting for a face to face video chat, and also read my policy and privacy statement on here. 

Telemedicine will be provided only after informed Consents are first acquired via email to  With an hour booking slot. Receipts always provided for claiming back.   Fee $50 per appointment.

As per legalities and Nursing Standards. Proper record keeping still applies.  

Policy, privacy, client confidentiality, legalities apply as per my legal requirements, Nursing registration, and Nursing Standards.

Covid 19 -  Foot care

As an essential service, to those I still visit in their own homes,  wearing full PPE from at the door until I am near the door ready to leave again, and strictly 1 to 1 only with infection control practices in place, as always and as required, that is to the disabled, diabetics who can't reach their own feet, or seniors.  After a pre-screening is conducted to ensure safety to myself and others.  No nail polish is to be worn, please ensure removal prior to service so proper foot and nail care can be carried out. 

Single use foot pad etc is bagged, tied and goes in the clients own garbage as part of infection control.  Thank you for your understanding.

For anyone who is non-essential, you may book a virtual care appointment by phone, email, or online,  that does not clash with my other physical appointments as per an essential service. I am not attending Long Term Care homes, or residential homes at this time, for safety to myself and to others.

Health care related issues while at home:

I will also be available to people who are at home, not feeling well or looking for direction or health care advice, and this will be ongoing whether Covid 19 restrictions are still in place, or if it has passed.  Recognising my own limitations, and referring clients when necessary.


1.  Email, or call, or book online to book the appointment.  If the date needs to change after that due to unforeseen circumstances, that is fine to do so.

2. Payment is via e transfer at time of booking to email address   Receipts always provided.

3.  Appointments are an hour slot, with open questions and answers so a more holistic approach can be fulfilled.

4.  Consents via email, or verbally by phone are to be given.  If it is for a video consult then it has to be a written consent by you sent to my email, and it will be placed with your health care record as part of property of Supernurse Private Duty RN, proper record keeping and confidentiality maintained, and retained in your file locked away securely at all times, and only shared with the health care team related to your care, and for referrals, or in a court of law. 

5. On reading and proceeding to book the appointment you are giving your consent that you agree to the above, in order for me to proceed to carry out the care virtually.

6.  I will direct set up the meeting, and email the details. You can download the zoom app via google play.

During the meeting I will direct, advise, educate, and teach, and help answer any questions you may have. To helpeducate you on how to care for your own feet at this time and if I note there is also a health related concern I will also refer you to your doctor.    I will work with you in a client-Nursing relationship.  Listening to your own needs and concerns, while applying my knowledge base, and experience to help you get your needs met.

7.  As I have an open door policy you can still contact me thereafter, clients only, anytime via phone if you have a questions ongoing or concerns, without an extra fee to do so, as per for all my clients.  

Always recognising my own Registered Nursing limitations, and knowing when to refer.  Providing ethical, safe Holistic Nursing Care  NMC (U.K),  CNO.

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