1. No Show Policy:

It is understandable, that due to unforeseen circumstances appointments sometimes need to be changed or cancelled. As this is a business and a valuable service is being provided:

If you make an appointment and need to cancel or change the appointment, please ensure to do so 24 hours or more in advance before the appointment.    

Please note: Any appointments 'cancelled within 24 hours' means 50% of the fee still has to be paid, this is due to a lost appointment time that another client could have had.  Thank you for your understanding.

2. Extreme weather policy:

Only in extreme weather where it would lives at risk to drive, would Suzanne have to make contact to reschedule an appointment with a client.  As much notice as possible will be given in those instances, as weather networks will be closely observed. 

3. Infection control.  Health and Safety Policy:

Instruments used for foot care are Single use sterile tools for each visit, and conforms to public health infection control standards, using the PIDAC guidelines.

As a nurse; Suzanne will ensure proper infection control procedures are carried out, and PPE will be worn when carrying out any foot care procedures.  

4. Preventing infection and the spread of infection:

As part of a client's assessment, any communicable diseases or infections present needs to be disclosed to Suzanne, in strict confidence.  Protecting, and assisting to prevent the spread of infections in the community and to others is important.  

(Click the link):  https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/BrowseByTopic/InfectiousDiseases/Pages/Infectious-Diseases.aspx

5. Pets:

An animal lover, and a dog owner myself.  However, for infection control and safety:  All pets are to be placed in another room when, Nursing care, foot care or wound care is due to be carried out.  Thank you for your understanding, on helping to prevent infection and promote healing as far as possible.


Smoking is not to be in place 20 mins prior to Suzanne's arrival, and is to commence only after Suzanne has left.  It is okay to smoke outside.

Zero tolerance Abuse Policy:

As applies to any one, anywhere.  Health care providers are not to be subjected to abuse.  That also applies within this business.  An important service is being carried out and it is important to be able to do this to the best of ones ability, and in order to provide quality, confidential, and safe care.  To protect and assist this procedure it is important that the appointment be booked when it is possible for 1 to 1 direct care to be carried out without interruption from outside agencies, or visitors, outside contractors etc.  No abuse, physical, verbally, or emotionally will be tolerated with the business owner of Supernurse Private Duty RN.  If the physical safety of the service provider is put at risk, the business owner has a legal right to protect themselves from harm, and will first ensure a client is safe and refer care on to their doctor, while withdrawing themselves.  

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