Home Visit Nursing Service

Home Visiting Nurse. 

Niagara region, and local surrounding areas. 

 Cost effective care.

Wound care.

Pain assessment and management.


Diabetic care.

Head injury/ Neurological vital sign monitoring.

Stoma care

Catheter care.

Tube Feeds, and tube care.

One to one Holistic Nursing care.

Personal care.

Senior care and risk assessment.

Respite care for any age group:  Children; Learning disabilities; or Adults.

Palliative care.

Health status check.

Referrals when required.

Most weekends on a Friday or Saturday overnight service is also available if needed.  Please contact to enquire.

Fees can be claimed back as it is a Nursing Service, contact me to find out how.  A fully informed verbal, or written consent is required on first visit.

Nursing Care:

I abide to Best Practice Nursing guidelines, Nursing Standards, which includes the law. Sixteen years Nursing experience, skills and education held from the U.K and Canada. Available to service your Nursing needs in your own home.  

Holistic individualized Nursing care from a high quality, high standard Registered Nurse.  Working with you to get your needs met, using evidence based practice.


1.  Click the pink words below to 'book an appointment'.

2.  I will respond within 24 to 48 hours to confirm.  An informal meet and greet will be required for Visit Nursing Services.

3.  On arrival at clients home, a verbal or written informed consent from client is required to proceed with care.

4. The initial visit might be up to two hours for both admission and assessment, with care provision.  It is important as it relates to allergies known etc which I need to know before I can begin care and it relates to client safety.

5.  Depending on the treatment and care, a follow-up appointment may be made.   

Click on here to securely:  Book an appointment.


Then await confirmation of your booked appointment, which will be aimed to be responded to within 24 hours, but no later than 48 hours.

Tel:  289 990 3831

Email: Supernurse121@gmail.com

Mobile Foot Care clinic; and Home Visiting Nurse.

See base of page for privacy statement and policies.  

With an ageing population, and home care being less costly than hospital admissions, one reason being, bugs exist in hospitals so there is a higher chance of contracting an infection in the hospital setting than at home.  (1).

People tend to do better at home, and more people want to be nursed and cared for in their own homes.  (2).

I can assess if a client needs to go to hospital, or see a doctor the next day, or if they need neither. Prevention is better than cure.  When I assess and monitor early on, I can assist to prevent a bigger  problem later on.  Preventing hospitalisation, or multiple hospitilisations is my aim. My goal is to help a client's needs get met at home, safely.  I make referrals via the clients doctor, and the multidisciplinary team which also includes Podiatrists, and Chiropodists when deemed necessary based on my nursing judgement, nursing diagnosis, critical thinking skills and assessments.  The client is part of that process, along with their fully informed consent.  For a mentally incapable client, the POA would be part of that decision process instead.  

References  (Click on the links):

1.   https://www.healthline.com/health/hospital-acquired-nosocomial-infections

2.  https://www.carecentrix.com/blog/7-little-known-benefits-home-care

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