Foot Care Visiting Nurse Service

  • Basic and Advanced Foot Care
  • Assessments
  • Diabetic Foot Care   
  • Diabetic re-assessments
  • Regular follow-up care

On booking:  A pre-screening is conducted to ensure safety to myself and to others.  A covid waiver form is to be read and signed on first visit, it includes wearing a mask for service duration.  Do not book an appointment if you have symptoms, are in isolation, or have been put at risk of covid.  Instead inform public health and self isolate for 14 days and wait until cleared by public health before booking an appointment.

As an essential service, and urgent care, to those I visit in their own homes, PPE is worn from at the door until I leave. Strictly 1 to 1 care, only with infection control practices in place, as always and as required, that is to the Disabled, Diabetics, anyone who can't reach their own feet, or Seniors. 

No nail polish is to be worn, please ensure removal prior to service so proper foot and nail care can be carried out. 

Pets must be placed in a different room for infection control and safety, as per policy.  See Policies.   Professional, very sharp tools are used during this service.  Non-compliance means non-service.

Single use foot pad etc is bagged, tied and goes in the clients own garbage as part of infection control.  Thank you for your understanding.

Only sterile tools are used.

  • An optional finger nail trim can be added on to the service, per time for those needing it.  A brand new finger nail trimming set with seperate nail file is provided, to be purchased, which is kept in the patient's own home, to be used at each visit, only on the patient it is provided for, and is not to be shared with others for infection control.

  • Diabetic foot care.  including ongoing monitoring for sensation, circulation, neuropathy, ulcer development.  Important as ulcer development leads to a higher prognisis of leg amputations in diabetics, all fully preventable with ongoing foot care and assessments.  
  • It is also important that Diabeics have annual eye tests via an opthalamist (eye doctor) for screening and prevention of Retinopathy.                                                           Source:  2020.
  • Seniors; Disabled; Or anyone with difficulties accessing their own feet.
  • Nail trimming and care.
  • Foot assessments.  
  • Pain assessment and management.
  • Treatment which includes:
  • Callus removal.  
  • Wart removal.
  • Corn reduction.
  • Thickened nail reduction.
  • Fungal nails.
  • Infection
  • Assessment, monitoring and control.
  • Wound care.
  • Health education, teaching and promotion.
  • Routine foot and nail care.
  • Padding and strapping
  • Referrals as necessary

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