Fees .

Nursing  Foot Care:

(See under Foot care, for Home Visit Nursing fees).

Basic and Advanced Foot care  = Includes any type of routine foot and nail care.  Diabetic foot care; Circulatory problems, Or if on anticoagulants; and any new or present foot problems.  Individualized foot care. Service is in your own home.  Foot, gait, shoe, foot assessment, nail trimming, and treatment. Padding & strapping individually priced dependent on the type of padding, and referrals when required.  Sessions are up to 1 hour duration =  $50 CAD per time.

For first appointments; Re-assessments and Re-admissions.  First visits are usually 1.5 hours max due to admission, assessment, care and treatment. Important as safety always comes first.  $75 CAD.  .

Appointments must be cancelled two days\ 48 hours  in advance by calling or texting:

289 990 3831

or by emailing:


While I am aware unforeseen circumstances, and personal emergencies happen; Any appointments not cancelled/ or a no show within 24 hours of the appointment time will incur an extra charged fee of 50% of the appointment fee missed.  'See policies'.

Finger nail trimming = $10 in conjunction with foot care appointments.  Included free for all new client's first visit.

  • I am a Veterans/DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs); Blue Cross, and Green Shield approved provider for direct billing
  • Some Extended Health Plans provide coverage for footcare services provided by a registered nurse. Please check the requirements of your plan for submitting footcare treatment receipts for reimbursement.
  • Services for nursing foot care are claimable yearly as a tax deductible medical expense
  • Cancellations and missed visit charge: If you are unable to keep an appointment please notify me 36 hours prior to the scheduled time. First missed appointment without this notice will be a $27.50 charge. Further missed appointments without notice will be charged at the full visit fee. Thank you for your understanding.

All major Credit cards, Cash, Cheque, Interac e-transfer payments accepted.

There is an extra $3 CAD processing fee for credit card payments, or on any invoice payments made via square.com on invoices. But no 3 CAD extra processing fee will be charged if an online banking e-transfer is paid direct to this business email address. 3 CAD extra for postage and packing of a Veterans affairs independent claim form.

I provide a fee claimable receipt.  See base of page on how to claim fees back.

Servicing Niagara region.  

You may book an appointment directly and securely online on this site.  All details are encrypted and secure.  

Providing regular routine foot care ongoing, to promote healthy feet and reduce foot problems, and pain.

Please note:

Do you want a cheap service or a quality service?

I don't just trim nails. It's far more involved than that.  As a health care provider and a Registered Nurse, I am a Health Care Professional. I make referrals to the multidisciplinary team when necessary. I'll know if you have an infection; if you need a referral via me; or to go to hospital etc.

Written informed consent on first visits is to be completed, it is a requirement not a choice, and is as per legislation.

Foot care Nursing is a Specialized, Nurse regulated, Professional Healthcare service.

As an RN not an RPN I also have more responsibilities and a larger scope of practice.

Nothing we do is cheap. Our equipment insurance we use specialized sterile tools and we follow best practice guidelines, Public Health infection control practices and abide to the legal requirements for our business in order to serve you better by providing optimum safe care.

Prevention is better than cure:

It's more costly in the long term to neglect feet. Health care isn't cheap nor is being hospitalized, neither are medications to e.g. Treat an infection. Diabetics lose more if they risk losing their legs. That is costly. Foot care is not costly, which helps to prevent these problems in the first place especially if having regular ongoing care; it prevents any foot problems to and also to non diabetics since everyone at some point will likely have one.  We spend much time on our feet and they tend to get neglected.

My fees are cost effective and justified.  No tax added.

It is also a fee claimable service. You can claim the fee back via health insurance under Nursing Services, or via tax return under Medical expenses.  Receipts are always provided.

I also provide a separate 'Home Visiting Nurse service' for any other health care needs.  See options at top of the page.

  • I am a Veterans/DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs), Green Shield, and Blue Cross approved provider for direct billing
  • Some Extended Health Plans provide coverage for foot care services provided by a registered nurse. Please check the requirements of your plan for submitting foot care treatment receipts for reimbursement.
  • Services for nursing foot care are claimable yearly as a tax deductible medical expense
  • As a Health Care Professional providing direct care, meaning no third party agencies involved, I DO NOT charge tax.

Fees for Visit Nursing Services:

Home visit Nursing Service = $45 per hour.  Minimum of two hours per visit.  Holistic one to one Nursing care, includes basic and skilled nursing care. Injections.

Wound care = $45 per hour plus wound dressings.

Palliative care = $45 per hour

Personal care. Minimum of two hours = $45 per hour.

Respite care also available.  Do you need a break for two hours or so to get things done? Contact me to discuss.

Neurological Assessment and Head injury monitoring = $45 per hour.

Health status check.  Includes: Head to toe assessment, vitals signs checks and assessment, Neurological status. Referral when required = $45 CAD.  One hour.

Ear syringing = 45 CAD

Injections via a doctors order = 35 CAD per time.

For any other Nursing services:  Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.  

Important to note:  An initial admission and assessment is conducted for each new client, and for any re-admissions when a year out of service. Expect between 1-2 hours for this with treatment provision depending on the individual's medical history.  Important because Safety always comes first.  $75 assessment fee.

All major credit cards, cash, cheque, Interac e-transfer payments accepted.   Receipts are always provided.  

*Fees paid for Nursing care can be claimed back via clients Health insurance under 'Nursing Services'.  Check with your insurance provider.   Alternatively you can claim via tax return under 'medical expenses'


 Disclaimer: Prices may be subject to change on an annual basis.

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