Health Education and Promotion.

As a nurse, one of my roles is to educate and promote good health.  On here, from time to time I will post articles related to my Nursing role in the community.  When in doubt check it out, we are all responsible for our own health, which includes knowing when you need to turn and ask for help.  Contact a foot nurse if you notice a problem, whether it is foot pain, a swelling, or any kind of nail or foot problem, in order to obtain routine, ongoing foot assessments, nail and foot treatment and care, and referrals when required.   Remember prevention is always better than cure and is less costly in the long term. 

How to care for your feet when a diabetic:

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Sterile equipment is always used by foot care Nurses :

In Ontario nurses follow and adhere to 'Best Practice Guidelines' for Nursing care whether diabetic care, foot care etc, and ensuring sterilized equipment used on foot care is no different.  We either use single use sterile equipment, or we re-use them via an autoclave that sterilizes the equipment ready for next use.  Important in order to prevent infection, cross contamination; and to promote healing through high standard optimum care on client's and patient's.

Nurses used Sterilized tools for foot care: Click here to read more.

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