Ethical Nursing care

Including and involving the client in their care.  Making informed decisions.  Cost-effective care. Always working within own limitations and knowing when to refer. Being treated with dignity and respect.

Advocating for clients.

Source: CNO

About Suzanne:

Suzanne Ovenden RN BSc/Hons Adult Nursing.  

A Foot Care Nurse, and a Home Visiting Nurse. Educated at Oxford Brookes University in England, U.K to a very high standard, and nationally recognized as such, which incorporated interpersonal skills training and multicultural training they didn't just let you qualify you had to be up to standard, taught by pharmacists and other specialists during training; training with learning disabilities; and some mental health training such as dementia, learning included placements in varied clinical settings, which included specialized surgical areas, and had training in both hospitals and the community.   You can find out more fully about Suzanne by clicking her name at the top left of this page which takes you to her linkedin profile.

Suzanne also holds extensive experience in Long term care homes, residential homes, and home visit Nursing, which includes palliative care, and has also worked in hospices, and the acute hospital Nursing sector, with some limited Critical care experience in BC and in the U.K.   Educated and trained in Basic and Advanced foot care in the Niagara region.  Ongoing learning and keeping up to date via research, networking with other health care professionals, webinars, and online learning, for ongoing client safety and evidence based practice. Liability and Business insured.

Suzanne networks with other foot care Nurses in Canada and the U.K to keep up to date, and has networked with Podiatrists and Chiropodists for referring client's in the local area.  Suzanne also  follows Best Practice Guidelines, Public Health Ontario, uses sterile tools and wears PPE when doing foot care, frequently attends webinars providing the most up to date information through research, and attends foot care conferences with other health care professionals specialized in foot care, and studies online through Nursing and medical journals, from Nursing books, and is also subscribed to a Nursing Journal, which all helps keep her practice up to date.

Suzanne has sixteen years Nursing experience and education in both the U.K and Canada including:  

Experienced and educated with working in both Hospital and Community Nurse settings, in different areas around the U.K and also in B.C and Ontario, Canada, which included Acute Medical, Surgical Nursing.  Neurology and Neurosurgery, Head injury, traumatic brain injury, and holds tracheostomy experience, rehabilitation and monitoring, and rapid stroke nursing where patients bypassed Emergency for faster care and a better prognosis.  Suzanne has also worked on a stroke unit, Cardiac, Respiratory, Rehabilitation. Infectious duseases unit. Palliative home care. Hospices.  Flu clinics, Home care, Visit Nursing, Long term care homes, prior to becoming a nurse she also started out as a Personal Support worker, carer; and has had experience in mental health units working with dementia, also Altzeimers, and learning disabilities including as a Nurse.

Suzanne is competent and experienced in:

Managing emergency situations.  Risk assessment. Drain site care. Staple and suture removal.  Infection control.   GJ tubes, Feeds, Feeding tubes, site care, and feeding pumps.  IV fluids.  Phlebotomy while working in a diabetic clinic.  Working with a multi-disciplinary team.  Male and Female Catheterization.   Fluid balance monitoring.  Vital sign checks, and Head injury routine checks.  Nursing judgement, and critical thinking skills.  Time management and prioritization.  Senior care.  Many varied nursing skills held.  

Prior to this, Suzanne was a member of the HM Forces for nine years regular service, civilized Royal Air Force (U.K), which is not the army, and left home at the age of seventeen, prior to that she went to boarding school becoming very independent for it, and with a love of Swimming competed in the sport at school and beyond representing RAF HQ Strike Command, until she left the Royal Air Force at age twenty seven.

Suzanne also grew up with the RAF, so is used to being punctual are reliable for work, and maintaining high standards in her Nursing role.  A reason Suzanne moved to Canada, as well as the fact Nursing is similar to the U.K, was due to her love of being overseas during school holidays, and beyond.

It is illegal for anyone to call themselves a Nurse, unless they are a qualified RN or an RPN. Always check their credentials.  'Anyone calling themselves a nurse without being registered with the College is considered an illegal practitioner and can be prosecuted under the Nursing Act, 1991 and the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.'  

Source: CNO.


BSc/Hons Adult Nursing. Oxford Brookes University, Oxford. U.K. 2002. 

1.  Delivering the Management and Care for older people, included dementia. 

2.  IV Therapy

3.  Haemodynamic monitoring for ward based practitioners

4.  Various study days held including in Diabetes and glucose monitoring, Hemodynamic monitoring:

Kings College University: London. U.K. 2002 -2003. 

Basic training in: Rapid assessment and treatment of stroke: National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square London. University College London. UCL. 2005.

Nursing in Canada: Kwantlen college 2007.  

Basic EGG course: Simon Fraser University. 2008

Caring for the PD patient. Renal unit: Niagara Health System. 2014.

Basic and advanced foot care:   Niagara Foot Care College. 2019

Present and up to date CPR/ Emergency first aid/ AED via St Johns Ambulance.

Present Criminal Police record checked.

Ongoing education and research to keep myself up to date, and competent in providing quality and efficient Client-Centred Care.  

Safety: Always working within own limitations and knowing when to refer.  Confidentiality maintained ongoing.  

Liabiity and Business Insured.

Holistic Client Centred Care

'Treating the person as a whole' not just their bodily part, and which includes the client in their care.

source: NMC (U.K).

High Standard Quality Care:

It includes the client and is based on their well informed choices.

Source: CNO

Advocating for Clients,

With the primary goal of aiming to meet the client's needs.

Source: NMC (U.K)

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