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Foot Care. In the comfort of your own home.  

Serving the Niagara region, and local surrounding areas.   Cost effective care. 

 "I provide safe, efficient Nursing Care".  

If you, a relative, or someone you care about suffers from foot pain, swelling of your feet, a swollen area on the foot, or any kind of problem you notice with your feet, or maybe you can't reach your feet, or can't feel them, what ever the reason; you need to get it properly assessed and dealt with in order to prevent the problem worsening. Leg amputations due to circulatory problems, and ulcer development in diabetics, as one example, can be prevented in this way. Contact a Foot Nurse for a full foot assessment, treatment and care, with referral when required.  Prevention is always better. Click the link:

Services provided:

Basic and Advanced foot care.

Diabetic foot care  (including ongoing monitoring for sensation, circulation, neuropathy, ulcer development and identification).

Seniors, the disabled, and anyone with difficulties accessing their own feet.

Nail trimming and care.

Foot assessments.  

Pain assessment and management.

Treatment which includes:

Callus removal.  

Wart removal.

Corn reduction.

Thickened nail reduction.

Fungal nails.


Assessment, monitoring and control.

Wound care.

Health education, teaching and promotion.

Referrals when required.

Routine foot and nail care.

Padding and Strapping.

Follow ups are usually between four to eight weeks.

*Click on the pale blue words as to 'The Reasons Why' you may need a Foot Care Nurse, and not an aesthetician.

What to expect:

High quality, high standard, individualized care, and evidence based practice from a Registered Nurse.  I work with the client, and include them in their care.  

I use single use sterile tools, and abide to infection control practices. 

I abide to Best Practice Nursing guidelines, Nursing Standards, which includes the law. I keep up with local and international changes in health care via research, webinars, online lifelong learning, and networking with other health care professionals to keep up to date with health care changes, which is important for ongoing safety.  Sixteen years Nursing experience, skills and education held from the U.K and Canada. Available to service your Nursing needs in your own home.    Business and liability insured.

Holistic Nursing care from a High standard Registered Nurse.  Working with you to get your needs met


1.  Contact me to book an appointment.   Click below on 'Book an appointment'.   A confirmation will be given within 24 to 48 hours.

3.  On first appointment, a verbal or written informed consent is required to proceed with care.

4. For the first visit, especially with Advanced Foot Care, which includes Diabetic Foot care:   Expect 1.5 hours for both admission and assessment, with care provision.  It is important as it relates to allergies known etc which I need to know before I can begin care and it relates to client safety.  Most follow-up appointments after the initial one, last anywhere from 30 to 60 mins max.

5.  A follow up appointment is made, which is usually between four and eight weeks.  For regular routine foot and nail care, and long term prevention of foot problems.  


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A 'Home Visit Nursing' Service is also available: Click here



Evidence based Nursing practice

Through ongoing education and research, applied to nursing practice.

Keeping up to date with health care changes nationally and internationally though research.  Applied to practice for safe, efficient, and cost-effective care.  

Source: NMC (U.K), CNO.


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